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I’m glad you’re here. I’ll be writing blog posts from time to time when I feel the inspiration or have something to say. I put in a lot of effort into my work and do this 100% independently. I’m careful about who I allow around me, so pre-screening is required. I’ve done enough risky things in my life that I like to play safe. Let’s help keep the sex worker community safe and thriving for both providers and clients. I put together a list of resource links under the tab ‘must reads’ that is very insightful about how an arrangement should be. I try to make my arrangements as pleasant as possible and to have the same in return. Here are the basic rules of etiquette of an arrangement with me:

》Expect to be screened and have info ready

》Pre-book in advance, 1-2 days at the latest

》Reach out to confirm appointment the day of

》Let me know ETA and if you’re running a little late

》Have donation ready before session begins. Preferably in an envelope, unless digital payment

》 Wash hands before we start

》Be respectful of the agreed upon time

》Leave a review if you enjoyed our time together

Those are just some of my personal preferences that make a session worthwhile. I like to attract good energy and vibes into my playspace so it’s always nice to spend time with a true gentleman. I hope you take the time to explore my entire site to see if we’re a good match or not. I look forward to making a connection. -xxxo-

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  1. I look forward to meeting her.

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